Last updated: June 18th, 2018

Bookify Installation

Installation of Bookify is extremely easy and is specially designed keeping non technical users in mind. Please follow below sections step by step in order to successfully install Bookify. If you are stuck at any step and need assistance of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will love to hear from you and solve your issues if there are any. Alright, let's start installation.

Download Bookify From CodeCanyon

First of all, you will need to download Bookify from your CodeCanyon account. After purchasing Bookify, go to Downloads section of your Envato account.

Click on Download as shown in red box highlighted by an arrow. You will see a downloads page containing all of your purchased items on Envato Studio. From that list, find Bookify and download it.

Click on Download button and select All files & Documentation as shown in above image highlighted by red box and arrow.

Understanding File Structure

Once you have downloaded, you will get a zip file in your computer. Extract the zip file and you will get one zip file containing Bookify and one folder containing all documentation as shown in image below. To install Bookify, we need to upload zip file named bookify to our hosting or server.

Upload Bookify

Let's upload Bookify to our hosting or server. You can use File Manager from your hosting panel or FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP to upload the zip file.

Please remember to upload files into a directory which is accessible by your website URL. It is public_html or www in most cases.

After uploading the zip file. Right click on file and select Extract to extract the contents of zip file.

Creating Database

Database is used to store all of Bookify data such as accounts of clients and administrators, your booking categories, packages, addons and bookings itself. It is important to create an empty database before starting with Bookify installation. So let's create an empty database first.

Bookify is fully compatible with other SQL databases such as PostgresSQL, SQlite and SQL Server. If you want to use them instead of MySQL, than make sure you create a database accordingly. We are creating a MySQL database in our demo as it's most common.

After logging into your hosting account, click on MySQL Database Wizard as shown in above images highlighted by red box and arrow. A MySQL database creation wizard will open up.

In first step provide the name of you database and click on Next button.

In second step, provide name for database user and also create a password for database. Once you are done, click on Next button to proceed to next step.

In third step, Make sure to click on All Privileges and click on Next button to proceed to final step. Once you click on Next button, your database will be created and you will get a confirmation message on screen. Please do not forget to note database name, database username and database password to use it during installation.

Running Installation Wizard

Once you have successfully uploaded and extracted files, created an empty database, you are ready to run installation wizard. Navigate to URL where you have extracted the files on your web hosting.

Let's assume you have uploaded and extracted files in a folder named bookify. Open

in your browser. If you have done everything correctly, installation wizard will open up. If not, make sure .htaccess file is present in your folder and you have minimum PHP version required to run Bookify. Also make sure that apache user have appropriate permissions to write in application/storage folder. Please refer to support with full details of your issue if you need any help.

Let's go through installation wizard step by step to successfully install Bookify. At the first screen, you will see a welcome message. Click on Start button to begin.

Use https:// to open URL instead of http:// if SSL Certificate is installed on your domain.

Hosting Requirements

Once you click on Start button, a page will open containing a checklist for all requirements. If all the requirements are fulfilled, you will see a blue button named Check Permissions as highlighted in below image with red box and arrow. If PHP version is lower, please make sure you enable required PHP version from your hosting panel. If an extension is not enabled, please make sure you enable it from your hosting panel. For more information and help regarding PHP version and extensions, send image of checklist to your hosting support to get help from them.

If all the requirements are fulfilled, click on Check Permissions button to proceed to next step.

Folder Permissions

By default Bookify require 775 permissions also known as permissions to read and write in application/storage/logs and application/storage/framework and application/bootstrap/cache folders.

If you haven't understand it, don't worry. We have set correct permissions out of box. If for some reasons, you permissions are not valid for any of three folders, you can correct them yourself or you can refer to our support.

Click on blue Verify Purchase button to proceed to next step.

Verify Your Purchase

In this step, you will have to provide your license key to validate you have purchased Bookify. Go to downloads page and find Bookify. This time click on License Certificate to download it to your computer. Go Here to find more information on how to download license file.

After downloading license file, open it and copy your purchase code. Your purchase code will look like green highlighted box in below image.

Copy your purchase code and paste it in the form on installation wizard and click on Click To Verify button as shown in image below.

If your purchase code is valid, you will be taken to next step to configure app, otherwise you will see an error.

Please remember that single license is only valid for one installation as per Envato Studio rules. Using single license key on multiple installations is a copyright violation.

Once you verify your purchase, App configuration page will open up.

Application Configuration

First part of configuration form is app configuration.

Please provide a suitable name for your app, probably your business name will be here. Also provide complete URL to your app and select your timezone from dropdown. It's important to select a valid timezone.

Database Configuration

Second part of configuration form is database configuration. As we have already created our database, we just have to enter its details here.

From first dropdown, select the type of your database. In most cases it will be MySQL and we are also using it. However if you have created another type of database, please select it from dropdown. Available options are Postgres SQL, SQL Server and SQLite.

Next part is database hostname and database port. Hostname is and port is 3306 with most hosting providers and you can leave them to default. However if you are using a different connection and you are not sure, please consult your hosting provider for assistance.

In the final part, enter database name, database username and database password for database that we have created earlier.

Mailer Configuration

Last part of configuration form is mailer configuration. Here you will have to input your SMTP details so that Bookify can send emails to your customers. For example emails are sent when a booking is made or cancelled.

Leave Mail Driver default to SMTP. In the next field, input your Mail Host which will be in most cases. Enter your Mail Port and Mail username & password. You can also leave Mail encryption default to SSL or you can use TLS depending on your hosting environment. If you have any issue getting around this part, please consult your hosting provider for details or you can consult our support alternatively.

  You can go to Email Accounts section from your hosting panel to create email accounts and to use them here.

Once you have entered all details, click on Install Application button. If you see any error related to database connection, please make sure you have entered correct details for database connection and than try again.

General App Settings

This section comprise of few general settings to setup the app.

Please enter your Business Name which can be same as app name entered in previous step or it can be different. Select default currency in which you will charge your customers for bookings. All your prices and payments will be in this currency. Select default language for your app. Available options are English, Spanish and French. Enter business email and phone number. This email and phone number will be shown to customers once they complete a booking so that they can contact in case of any issue.

  After successful setup, you can change these settings by going to settings page of administrator panel.
  In case you switch currency later while app is working and there are active bookings and packages. By default Bookify will not take care of conversions. So please avoid to change currency later on specially If there are bookings.

Creating Administrator Account

In the second section of form, please enter details to create an administrator account to login for first time. After login, you can go to Users section of administrator panel to add more user account.

Once you have entered all details, click on Finalize & Login to finish setup. If you see any error or missing input, please correct and try again.

Installation Completed

In case of success, you will see a screen telling that installation is completed and you can login now. Please continue to Settings and Quick start guide for further help.