Quick start guide

Last updated: June 18th, 2018

Creating & Editing Users

Bookify provides ability to administrator to add more users based on roles like administrator and customer. In order to do so, login to your administrator account and navigate to Users -> Manage Users from left hand menu.

You can click on Add User button to add a new user. New user can either be a customer or a new administrator based on which role you select. You can also click on Blue Pencil Button to edit a user or Red Trash Button to delete a user account.

Booking Categories

In Bookify, you can add as many booking categories as you wish depending on your business. Each booking category can hold multiple packages to choose from. These categories are displayed to customer during booking so that customer can choose the category in which he/she wants to make a booking. Once customer clicks on a category, its packages will be loaded and customer will be able to choose a package according to his budget or needs.

So it is important that you add Booking Categories as per your business services that you provide to customers. To add categories, click on Categories from left hand menu.

To add a new category, you have to provide its title and image and click on Add Category button. You can also click on Blue Pencil Button to edit a category or Red Trash Button to delete a category.

Booking Packages

Once you have added some categories in your booking. Its time to add some packages. Remember that a single category can have as many packages as you want. During booking procedure, once user select a category, all the packages for that specific category will be loaded as shown in image below.

Customer can select any package. If there are more than three packages, there will be a carousel that will have left and right arrows and can also be swiped left or right to view more packages.

In order to manage packages, navigate to Packages->All Packages. You can click on Add Package button to add a new package. You can also click on Blue Pencil Button to edit a package or Red Trash Button to delete a package.

Addons for Categories

Addons for categories is a feature that you can use to upsell your services in a specific booking category. Let's assume that you are providing a service for Tooth Surgery as a dentist, you can add teeth whitening as an addon to attract customers and upsell your services. Addons are shown to customer as Extra Services during booking procedure and customer can add any extra service to his/her booking and it depends in which category, customer is making a booking.

Customer can add any addon. If there are more than three addons for selected category, there will be a carousel that will have left and right arrows and can also be swiped left or right to view more addons.

In order to manage addons, navigate to Addons->All Addons. You can click on Add Addon button to add a new addon. You can also click on Blue Pencil Button to edit an addon or Red Trash Button to delete an addon.

Clientarea Main Features

Bookify provides required booking operations for customers once they login to their account. They can manage and track their bookings & invoices, change booking date and time, request to cancel a booking, see stats about their account at dashboard etc. Lets explore some main features in detail.

Managing Bookings

After logging in to their accounts, customers can view all of their bookings in one place. To see details about a specific booking, they must click on Details button.

Updating Booking Time

Once at booking details page, customer can click on Change Booking Time button to update time and date to any available time slot.

Requesting Booking Cancellation

Once at booking details page, customer can click on Request To Cancel button, a popup will appear where customer must provide reason to request. After providing reason, customer can request booking cancellation.

You can specify as an administrator either customer can update booking time, request to cancel or not. You can also specify how many days before booking date, customers can update or request to cancel. You can go to Settings->Booking from admin dashboard to find these settings.

Managing Invoices

Customers can see and track all their invoices from their dashboard. Each invoice is referenced with a booking ID to track. Invoices are categorized in two groups.

  • Paid Invoices: Invoices that are refunded and booking is cancelled.
  • Refunded Invoices: Invoices that are not refunded either booking is cancelled or not.

Admin Booking Features

Bookify provides many features to administrator to manage bookings and operate everything smoothly from backend. Lets learn about these features one by one.

Managing Bookings

From your administrator dashboard, navigate to Bookings to view all available bookings. You can click on Details button to view all details about a booking.

At booking details, you will find various available actions you can perform on a booking. Let's explore them in detail one by one.

  • View Invoice: You can click on view invoice link to view invoice associated to that booking. Invoice is categorized as refunded or paid.
  • Change Booking Status: You can change booking status to In Progress, Processing or Completed. By default all new bookings have status set as Processing. Booking status is set to Cancelled automatically if you cancel a booking.
  • Delete Booking: You can delete a booking. Its invoice is deleted automatically.
  • Cancel Booking: You can cancel any booking. When you cancel a booking, you can choose if you want to refund the charges or not. If you choose to refund, refund is issued via payment gateway used to make that booking. In case of refund, invoice is also marked as refunded.
  • Change Booking Time: You can change booking date and time to any available booking slot which is not already booked in case you are accepting single booking on a single time slot. If you are accepting multiple bookings at single time slot, than you can change to any slot.

Cancellation Requests

If you enable your customer to submit Cancel Requests from their dashboard, you will be able to see all cancel requests by navigating to Cancel Requests from left hand menu.

There are multiple actions you can perform on a cancel request. Let's explore them all one by one.

  • View Booking: You can open associated booking.
  • View Invoice: Open associated invoice to view.
  • Update: Update reason for cancellation and status of request. By default status is set to Pending however you can update status to Rejected. If you cancel the associated booking, status is automatically set to Completed.
  • Delete: You can delete any cancellation request at any time.

Unpaid Invoices

If you enable your customer to checkout with Offline Payment you will be able to see all Unpaid Invoices here.

You can mark an invoice as paid when you receive the payment from customer in cash. Status represents the current state of invoice. If you cancel a booking with Unpaid Invoice, its marked as cancelled.