Updating Bookify

Last updated: June 18th, 2018

Updating Bookify

Updating Bookify is relatively technical so make sure to do it correctly and as explained in documentation to avoid any unwanted result.

Make sure to backup your files and data before you try to update Bookify.

Download latest version of Bookify from Codecanyon. Extract the files somewhere in your computer. After that, extract bookify.zip also.

Once Bookify.zip is extracted in your computer. Select css, js & plugins folder and compress these three. Once you have compressed them, go to your hosting files and remove these folder from there.

  • css folder on your hosting.
  • js folder on your hosting.
  • plugins folder on your hosting.

Once you have done that, upload the three compressed folder and extract them.

Now we must update source code. From the Bookify files on your computer, select application/app, application/database, application/resources, application/routes and application/vendor folders. Compress these five folders in a zip. After that delete those folders from your hosting files and than upload new from your computer that are in a zip. Upload the zip inside application folder and extract there.

After that, login as admin and run following URL.


If you see a 500 error after login, ignore it, type in your URL and run it. Once database ip updated, you will be redirected to dashboard. Make sure you are logged in as admin before running that URL.